Migrating Natural 2006 code to DEC VAX Natural 2.7.1


we’re investigating developing code using Natural 2006 on windows for use on a clients DEC VAX machine. Specifically the question is are there any backward compatability issues running code created using Natural 2006 on a DEC VAX machine using Natural 2.7.1?

Also what would be the workflow/steps in terms of Complete Code/Tables on Windows >> Migrate Code/Tables to DECVAX >> Implement Code/Tables on DEC VAX

I’m assuming/hoping it’s not cut&paste :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time



Really DEC VAX?
Interesting. Nevertheless the Natural version under VAX is outdated. Natural 6.1 or 6.2 and even 6.3 offer far more statements than Natural 2.1.7 on VAX (and Alpha). A program developed under Windows with newer versions of Natural may not compile / execute under VAX. You must restrict yourself to the syntax Natural 2.1 provides. Even in this case you must recatalog any objects created under Windows with Natural on VAX.


P.S. Please keep in mind. Natural 2.1.7 on DEC VAX is not maintained any longer.