HELP Available?

Hi Friends,

Would like to know if a complete HELP facility is available on Natural under Unix like on Mainframes.
Complete meaning HELP on statements, editors, system varibales, system commands etc.
When I issue HELP at our installtion I only get help on error messages, nothing else.
Of course documentation would the option for it but HELP becomes very handy sometimes.

The mainframe style of help is not available via the ‘HELP’ command on Open Systems. The documentation is available at

If you happen to be using a GUI NATURAL client (SPoD, Eclipse, etc.) the help is context sensitive. Highlight a statement and click on the help key (F1). If you only have NATURAL for Unix, the most current documentation location is the web page previously mentioned.

To see the difference between the help statements on the mainframe and unix platforms; please compare these two pages: