SYSTRANS installation under linux SuSe

Hi felloes,
Recently I installed Natural on Linux SuSe machine, so when I tried to run the SYSTRANS utility I received the following message: “…SYSTRANS utility is no longer installed pe default…”. Those message include a recommendation to install it but when I tried to do it I notice that the directory “inpluti” on Linux machine does not exist.
I wonder if I must create “inpluti” directory on Linux machine before to install SYSTRANS on it.

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You don’t install SYSTRANS to it, you install it from there.


But you should not have to mess around with this, just start SYSTRANS, follow the on-screen instructions and Natural will install it for you.

Hi Wolfgang,
I followed your instruction and now received the following error: “No utility profile for SYSOBJH defined in Natural Security. Error detected in O-NCHNSC. Response code from OBJHAPI: 0. Response code from SYSOBJH: 1100. SYSTRANS not inpled”. I just read the Natural Manual and followed the instruction to activate the SYSOBJH profile settigs and can not create the object PROFILES because of NAT0082 when using de SAVE command.
Do you have any idea about that?. Sorry I am a very novice user under Linux platform. I am come from Mainframe platform.

Thanks and regards

For a long time Software AG has been warning that the systrans utility was no longer going to be supported. I have been directing my customers towards sysobjh for sometime. The the missing INPL file is also missing on the AIX 5.3 platform for Natural 6.3.

I also discovered that with SYSOBJH there is a second screen of defaults that need to be set before you can use sysobjh successfully:)