Systrans or Sysobjh, Open Systems:Linux nat 6.2.2

Using Nat 6.2.2 on Suse Linux, I am Trying to copy objects from one lib to another. Systrans was easy. But after loading 6.2.2 Systrans is an empty lib. Says I can load it back, didnt say HOW? Ok, So if I use Sysobjh, I can get it to unload to workfile, but when I want to do the load, nowhere does it allow me to specify the ‘TO’ Library… :?
Can someone tell me : Either how to get Systrans back(preferred), or what I gotta do to get Sysobjh to UNload to a different library than what I loaded from.
Thanks in advance.

Sorry, John, but I can’t answer your question directly because, for the few migrations I need, I simply drag-n-drop between Linux and Windows via SPoD. But I have used Object Handler in Windows and on the mainframe. Anyway, you need to specify the NEWLibrary parameter.

Here’s an example from the mainframe


For Windows, you create a workplan.

  • Click Object → New Workplan → Parameter…
    Click Load objects from workfile
    Specify the target library in the New Value column of the Library row
    Exit the workplan window
    Save the Workplan

During the load process, select Use Parameter Workplan.

On the screen ‘Parameters’ mark ‘Set Global Parameters’. You can change the library name on the next screen under ‘New Value’. This screen is available for both unloading and loading.

If you are unloading to a ‘Transfer file’ then mark the ‘Set additional options’ on the previous screen. The default is not to include line numbers, which can be a problem sometimes.

SYSOBJH takes a little getting used to, because there is SO much more you can do. Explore all the PF keys and options, and you will hopefully never want to use SYSTRANS again!