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Can someone post some examples working with object handler on linux?

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Not being linux conversant; are you just talking about SYSOBJH? If so, in particular, what functionality are you looking for?

Based on the similarity between mainframe and PC Naturals, I cannot imagine linux would be all that different.

One of the nice pieces of SYSOBJH is the wizard which creates the example command on the last panel

If you select the options and walk through the various panels, it will show the command that is to be executed on the last panel.


We used (until now) systrans on the MF.
We never used SYSOBJH.
My question is about transfering object (unload & load) from env to env.

You can still use the SYSTRANS utility to unload objects and SYSOBJH to load them. SYSOBJH can read a SYSTRANS formatted work file.


We prefer to use sysobjh on the linux (unload&load)

Then you are in luck, as the SYSOBJH utility wizard will show you the commands necessary to unload and load objects.

I am attaching a Word document I have used to demo sysobjh for people.

You are already familiar with using systrans to unload objects from the mainframe. The attachment shows the sequence to load objects onto the PC. I am assuming the linux sysobjh is very similar to the pc sysobjh.

Towards the end you will see the screen James mentioned which shows the command being generated by the wizard.
loading sysobjh stuff to a new copy of natural.docx (279 KB)

Natural for Unix/Linux is character-based. The on-line and batch interfaces are much like the mainframe. No GUI. No wizards.


I was referring to this screen (shown here from SuSE Linux, Natural V8.3.3); at the bottom of the screen it refers to itself as a ‘wizard’ than can be avoided by the advanced user.

15:01:18 ***** Natural Object Handler ***** 2015-01-28
User T222149 - Main Menu -

 Select the desired function:

   _  Unload objects or a whole application from your Natural environment

   _  Load objects or an application into your Natural environment

   _  Scan work file contents

   _  View objects in the Natural environment

   _  Administrate the Object Handler environment,
                   process Workplans and direct commands

 Mark this field to avoid Object Handler wizards:

   _  Advanced user

Command ===>

On the last screen, it shows the commands

15:03:04 ***** Natural Object Handler ***** 2015-01-28
User T222149 - Unload Wizard -

The following command will be processed.
To change the settings, press PF7 (Back). To confirm the settings and
to execute the command, press ENTER or PF8 (Next).


Command ===>