Error 9011 when execute SYSOBJH load

Hello fellows,
Recently I unloaded several maps from the NAT228++ on a Natural MF using SYSTRANS via Entire Connection emulation. I am trying to load those maps into a NAT624 on Linux server using SYSOBJH load options and receive an ERROR 9011. On the ServLine24 reports specify 2 possibles causes:

  1. The work file was corrupted
  2. The format does not compatible between NAT228 SYSTRANS and NAT624 SYSOBJH.
    I already load DDMs unloaded with NAT228++ SYSTRANS using NAT624 SYSOBJH.
    What can I do to load those maps objects.

Thanks in advanced


Nat 228; wow.

Do you have some slightly older versions of NAT available for the server? I believe SYSTRANS still existed on Version 5. You might have better luck with SYSTRANS at both ends of the transfer.


Hi Steve,
Thanks a lot. Let me check if We’ve got an older Natural version.


Hi Steve,
I could load several objects stored in a work file into a NAT611 for Windows. Then I unloaded those objects and I tryed to load into a NAT624 for UNIX and I could not done. I received an error 9011. So I wonder if NSC could affect that operations because on the Windows environment NSC is absent and on the UNIX environment NSC is present.
I keep you informed.