SYSOBJH transferring DDMs from MF to WINDOWS

hi folks,

moving up to NATURAL 42 / zOS and NATURAL 6 / windows i say goodby to good-old-SYSTRANS :cry:

so i do my first steps using the OBJECT HANDLER in Batch Mode on MF: i want unload DDMs from MAINFRAME, ftp to windows the result-workfile and finally LOAD the DDMs into natural/windows-environment.

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hi ralph,

your suggestion doesn

Hi Esther

First, I would check the SYSOBJH parameters. They may have been set to something “non standard” and applied to all users.

Next, although it should not be necessary, I would bump LRECL to something “silly”, e.g 500. If this runs, you at least get to see what is larger than 102, and this may reveal the problem.


Hi Esther,

I would set LRECL=250, because it is recommended in the documentation to set in batchmode the Natural profile parameter LS=250, what you have already done in your JCL… (For the LS parameter see: Object handler - General information → Batch or Direct Command Calls —> Batch Mode)

I think that you can use RECFM=FB, because you want the work file to be of Transfer Format. RECFM=VB is recommended if you want the Internal Format. (See: Object handler → Work Files → Work File Format)

You can omitt the BLKSIZE.

I forgot to mention the version of the documentation: Natural for Mainframes 4.2.3.

Under Natural 4.1, LRECL=102 has worked for me for all objects types, even Natural source with many long lines greater than 200 bytes.

I’m curious to see the ESPEAV0 DDM that’s causing the error.

I found a technical paper in ServLine24 that explains how many bytes an unloaded record has (SYSOBJH Overview and Examples). I’m wondering why this isn’t included in the description for the object handler in the Utilities manual.

SYSOBJH combines the functionality of SYSTRANS and NATLOAD/NATUNLD and in the future will replace SYSTRANS and NATLOAD/NATUNLD. The SYSOBJH utility provides expanded selection possibilities and processing options. The supported formats are transfer format (same as that used by SYSTRANS) and internal format (same as that used by NATLOAD/NATUNLD). A new option with the UNLOAD function is option FIXEDLENGTH. FIXEDLENGTH sets the format of the work file to a fixed size record length. Each unloaded record contains 256 bytes in internal format or 100 bytes in transfer format. This can be particularly useful when FTPing the unloaded file.


omitting all the stuff about LRECL, BLKSIZE & co works fine :smiley:

the unload dataset will get following structure:

the FTP to windows and SYSOBJH LOAD DDM into NATURAL 6 works perfectly. great!

highly motivated by this success I try my luck also in NATURAL 5. but the DDMs are loaded in REPORTING MODE :twisted: , even reporting mode is set off. what can the problem be?

best regards