I want to load some Natural cataloged objects that I unloaded from development… to the Production Lib equivalent.
Seems it will let me Load Source, but it balks at Cataloged Objects.
I am running in Batch mode using JCL on a VSE/ESA machine.
We are using PAC currently, but it is going away soon, so this is going to replace what we used to do with PAC.
We also use Natural and Natural Security
I am receiving a 953 error.

Time limit exceeded
Error Number 953
My userid that I am logging on with is in the Admin group which has a SL
to the target Lib setup as shown here:

Non-activity logoff limit (seconds) … 28880
Maximum transaction duration (seconds) … 9999
Maximum number of source lines … 99999
Maximum amount of CPU time (MT;seconds) … 999
Maximum number of ADABAS calls (MADIO) … 5000
Maximum number of program calls (MAXCL) … 0
Processing loop limit (LT) … 0
I also have a Global MT=0 in the JCL.
Here is my NatLoad statment:


Here is the error report:
I thought I would see if I could solve this in the Forum before calling in a formal help request.
Thanks in advance.

Time limit exceeded.
Error Number 953
Language … 1
Status Code . O
Status … Object Time Error
Program … ULSINIT
Line … 2600
Level … 2
*Library … SYSUNLD
Device Type . BATCH
No processing has been requested.
Total records processed … 0
*** No objects have been processed | ***
*** Utility has been terminated ABNORMALLY ***
*** Termination code is 40

Sorry for the maybe stupid question: Don’t you have SYSOBJH on your system?

Raise your hand if you feel SYSOBJH is more difficult to learn to use than NATLOAD was.

Wow… look at all those hands!


Could you be running your NATLOAD from a library other than your target lib (i.e., library SYSUNLD?). Perhaps you have a different set of security parms than you are showing us.

Maybe also try setting GLOBALS MT=0 just before you run the utility.

No, not a stupid question,
but the answer is no we do not have SYSOBJH on the IBM mainframe.
I thought I checked all the security, but I will check again, maybe I forgot SYSUNLD…
I did mention I have MT=0 set in the JCL,
I’ll check back.