Sync Shopify Order to DocuSign Template


This article describes a business use case integration in where “Order” from Shopify gets synced to “Template” in DocuSign.


  • Shopify account.
  • DocuSign account.
  • tenant.


  • Configuration of trigger in the Shopify for "NewOrder".
  • Create a new Template in DocuSign, whenever a new Order gets created in Shopify.


         1. Create Account: - To add accounts for Shopify and DocuSign, follow below techcommunity links.

   2. Click on the Setting icon.

   3. Select the Shopify Trigger from the available list of triggers.

   4. Click on the edit icon, then select the action trigger as New Order and choose your created account for Shopify and Save it.

 5. Now click on Skip and then Done.

 6. Select DocuSign connector from the app menu & click on the setting button.


 7. To add Custom Action, click on +icon. 

 8. To configure Authorize DocuSign, click on +icon and choose your created account. Now give the name of the custom field as                            “createTemplates” and choose the functional area as Template and then click on Next.


 9. Now select the Operation as “Create Templates” and click on Next and then Done.

 10. Now again click on Next.

 11. To create Templates in DocuSign, do the proper mapping between “NewOrder” incoming data of Shopify and DocuSign Configure                     Action. Enter manually DocuSign accountId and click on Next.

 12. Now click on Test and then Done.

 13. Configure the workflow as below.

 14. Now Save it and click on the play icon to execute the workflow.

 15. It also shows a graphical view of the execution as below at each step.