Shopify Customer to a New Contact in MS Dynamics

products versions - 10.11


This article describes the step-by-step process of creating a new contact in MS Dynamics on creation of a new customer in Shopify.

Use Case

You are using Shopify as your front-end store and MS Dynamics as your CRM system. This example showcases how you can automatically create a new contact on your MS Dynamics CRM system when a new customer is created on your Shopify front-end store


  • The user needs to have a working Shopify Account

  • A working MS Dynamics Account

  • Working Integration cloud tenant.

Steps to follow

  1. Log in to Integration tenant.
  2. Create a new project or choose an existing project.
  3. Click on the Import icon in the top right corner to import the workflow into your project.

  1. Select the archive file “” shared in the article.

  2. The workflow name and description are preloaded.

  3. Add the account information or MS Dynamics


  1. Add the Shopify account information

  1. Click on “Import” to import the workflow into your project

  2. The workflow is imported successfully, enabled and ready to use

  3. Review the mappings and test the workflow

  4. You can log in to your Shopify account create a customer and test the end-to-end flow.

Next steps

Do you want to send a welcome email to a contact newly created in MS Dynamics check this post on the same? Welcome Email to a new Contact on Microsoft Dynamics

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