DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Connection in


This article describes the step-by-step process of generating an Access token for the DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Connection for the


  • Credential of DocuSign
  • Working Integration cloud tenant.


  1. Create and Configure the App in DocuSign Directory.
  2. Generate the Access_token and Resfresh_token using the REST Client.
  3. Configuring the DocuSign Account in


1. Log in to DocuSign developer account and click on Admin.

2. Select API and Keys.

3. To add an App click on ADD APP/INTEGRATION KEY and give the name of APP.

4. After creating an APP click on +ADD SECRET KEY and +ADD URI, then SAVE it.

5. Now to Generate Access Token before we need to generate a Code.

For the developer sandbox environment, the base URI is

For the production platform, the base URI is

To generate code browse below URL which generates a Code.<cliend_id>&redirect_uri=<redirect_uri>

Note:- Here we are using sandbox_URI instead of sandbox_ URI we can use production_URI.

        6. After getting the code, we need to generate the access token. Open the Postman client and follow the below steps.

         For the developer sandbox environment, the token URI is

        For the production platform, the token URI is



           Content-Type= application/x-www-form-urlencoded


           grant_type= <authorization_code>

           code= <generated_code_value>


           client_id= <Integration_Key>

          client_secreate=< secreate_key>

7. Now, we have generated the Access_token and Refresh_token successfully. We will configure the DocuSign connection in user needs to log in via his credentials and choose the "DocuSign".

 8. Click on the Setting button.

 9. Now click on the '+' icon to configure the connection.

10. Now again click on the '+' icon and select using a service access token to manually enter the credentials.

11. The user needs to fill all the Details to save the connection successfully.