Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) OAuth 2.0 Connection in


This article describes the step-by-step process of generating an Access token and configuring account for the Adobe Experience Platform OAuth V2.0 Connection in


  • User needs to have a working Adobe Experience Platform account, to log into the Adobe cloud console
  • Applicable on the API
  • Access permission for Adobe Experience Platform APIs
  • Working tenant
  • Create Java keystore Certificate(.jks) and export Public key certificate on your local or platform server machine
  • Sample keystore(kstore.jks) and public key(certificate.crt) files are attached
  • Refer to below page for more details



How to generate an Access token for the Adobe Experience Platform APIs for the OAuth 2.0 Authorization and establishing a connection in

Steps to configure API and generate access token:

    1. Login to

    2. Go to Projects tab, Create new Project

    3. Click on “Add API”


    4. Select Experience Platform API


    5. Configure API, Upload your public key certificate and click on Next


    6. Click on Next to create new Service Account(JWT)


    7. Select all the product profiles as applicable and Click on “Save configured API”


    8. Click on "Service Account (JWT)" and open Credentials details

          Copy the following parameters required for account configuration in

          CLIENT ID


Steps to create a connection for Adobe Experience Platform in

    1. Login to integration

    2. Create a flowservice


    3. Enter Adobe Experience Platform and select the Connector


    4. Select Pre-defined Action or Add Custom Action and Configure Account


    5. Add Keystore Certificate

        Provide the location of the keystore file(.jks) and enter the password used while generating .jks.


    6. Select the JWT keystore alias added and also select the JWT key alias used while creating keystore(default “1”)

        Generate Audience using ClientId

        Syntax :


        Sandbox Name : prod


    7. Enter the following properties and can leave the other properties with default values or enter as per requirements while configuring the account.

               Organization ID

               Technical Account ID
               JWT Keystore
               JWT Key Alias
               Client ID
               Client Secret
               Sandbox Name
    8. In case the user needs to use this account for the Streaming APIs, then he needs to add the SNI details as mentioned below snapshot, after entering the above details. 
    9. The user needs to create a different account if he wants to use the Streaming Ingestation APIs. As Adobe enables the SNI Support for the Streaming APIs.

    10. Select the created AEP account and continue to create the required custom action


    11. Once the action and the account are selected, execute the flowservice to verify the connection to Adobe platform



certificate1.crt (881 Bytes)

kstore1.jks (2.17 KB)