Switch off Syncsort for using Natural internal sort

We have Natural nucleus build with Syncsort option. But we do not want to use Syncsort anymore. Is it possible to switch it off and use hereinafter the Natural internal sort?

Turn it off for a specific job by specifying a dynamic Natural parameter (parameters on EXEC or within CMPRMIN):


Or turn it off permanently via the NTSORT macro:


Thanks Ralph for the quick response. I prefer permanent solution and have looked after NTSORT. As I see a new Natural Parameter Module has to be defined. I have read documentation but not clear how I should define, create it step by step.
My Natural (V 6.1.1 Pl 14 Software AG 2005) runs on Solaris Unix.

You don’t need to define a new parameter module, just use the natparm utility to modify the one you are using.

The problem is that there is no any SORT, NTSORT, SORT related paramter in natparm. I try SEARCH, export all parameters and check it in VI editor but nothing.

As I see natparm parameters looks like:

How should I define NTSORT ?

Sorry, on OpenSystems the SORT library is linked to the nucleus, go to your
$NATDIR/$NATVERS/bin/build directory, issue a make and don’t specify sync=yes

Just for your information. The SORT / NTSORT are for mainframe.

Thank You Mogens!

Thanks Wolfgang! So this is the only way on OpenSystems to switch off Syncsort.
I’m not so familiar in the Natural nucleus rebuilding and for safety reason, I would like to save off (backup) the concerned or all current Natural system folders. What are would be?
The Nucleus rebuilding will affect any Adabas components, folders?

There is no need for a massive backup, a make natural will just build a new module named natural in $NATDIR/$NATVERS/bin/buildYou can then test that new module from this directory, when you are happy with it issue a make install which will simply copy natural to $NATDIR/$NATVERS/bin and rename the existing natural to natural.old, so if something does not work as expected you can easily rename the executable from natural.old to natural again.


I managed to do it! Wolfgang special thank you, but the rest I learned a lot as well. Best regards!