Supported Database For webMethod 8.2

I am looking for the list of supported database for various webMethod 8.2 component installation . I don’t think I would be able to get one from documentation web portal. Can anyone please share screenshot of the same or direct me right POC ?

Hi Kumar,

webMethods 8.2 has end of life. I think even the lowest version would be somewhere around 9.10, 9.12 or 10.x? Are you looking for the system requirement documentation for the webmethods IS databases flavor supported?

Latest versions I know is wM 9.12 (final version for the wM 9.x stream) and wM 10.5 for the wM 10.x stream.

When planning a migration from wM 8.2 to a more recent version, you will require at least 2 intermediate migrations.
wM 8.2 to either wM 9.5 or wM 9.8
Then migrate to wM 9.12 before migrating to a wM 10.x version.
This is due to the fact the direct upgrade pathes do not support “long jump” migrations, as well as the cirumstances that the number of changes which need to be checked increases over time with every release being skipped during migration.

Can you provide us some more details about the components you are looking for?
By doing so we might be able to check some local archives if we can find some older documentation there.


That’s right, Basically I am looking for Oracle/MS-SQL versions that is compatible with IS & TN installation.

Thanks for the response Holger. If you can provide the DB version(Oracle and MSSQL) that is being supported for IS and TN installation, then that would be great.

I currently have a 7.1 System Requirements Document available.

From that Oracle 11g R2 should be working, but Oracle 12c R1/R2 should be working as well.
Even newer versions might be working even when not officially supported.
For MSSQL this should be version 2008 (eventually even slightly newer versions will work despite not being supported officially).

But for these DB versions also applies what Mike has already stated for wM 8.2:
Most of them are EOL/EOS/EOSS, what ever the vendor calls it.



Holger was spot on as always :slight_smile:

Looking back through the archives (for 8.2.2), it looks like the following was in the 8.2 supported RDBMS list.

Officially supported was:

  • Oracle 11g (R1/R2)
  • DB2 9.7 LUW
  • SQL Server 2005/2008 and 2012

For SQL Server 2012 support you have to upgrade DataDirect Connect JDBC Driver 4.2 to 5.0 by applying fix SCG_8.2_SP2_DataDirect5.0_Fix1 which can be downloaded via "Software AG Update Manager.

Oracle was also supported when implemented as RAC.