Integration server database upgradation

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We are currently using 9.12 IS version.We have to update our database server and moving all functions to a new server running an updated version of SQLServer. Currently it’s a 2008 server, and it has to move to 2012 server with an updated operating system.

Our JDBC pools are pointed (database server) current version and webMethods table are also maintained on the server.

will there be any impact on webMethods application server ,Integration server after database upgrade on SQL server.Kindly suggest on this.


Theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem. Just prepare a lab environment and test out your upgraded db will verify the answer yourself.


check if it is possible to keep the database storage intact and get it upgraded by the database service.
If yes, you will only have to point your database connections to the new database afterwards and restart the webMethods services.
If not, this gets a bit more complex when you have to migrate the data from one database to the other.

Contact your DBA to assist you further in this case.



Take a look at the compatibility sheet. This will give you a fair idea of all supported components.
Check under Supported RDBMSs.

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