Support wm EDI package in WM 4.0


I am working with wm.b2b.edi convertToValues service for flat file conversion.
I donot have wmEDI package installed on wm 4.0 server.

Could you please help mw know that If i create a release of wmEDI package from wm4.6 server and install as normal package will that work. ???
I tried but it didinot help.

Also Please let me know if wm4.0 supports wmEDI package ??

Your Urgent response is appreciated.



You have to install WebMethodsEDIModule4.0 if you are using ISv4.0 and release of WmEDI4.6 package to preversion doesnt help.

wm4.0 supports wmEDI package version 4.0

If you have dont have access to EDIModule4.0 talk to your wM rep or tech support to get the package.Also check in advantage if EDI4.0 package is avail for downloads.This version is pretty old though.