Subscribers with the same publisheable document

Hi all,

when you create a broker/local trigger you can specify multiple conditions using the same publisheable document. In the documentation it is written that IS will perform the first matching condition and the other ones will be ignored.

I have this scenario: one flow publishing a document and 2 flows that should be subscribed to this document. As i wrote before, I cannot create one trigger with 2 conditions using the same document.

What’s the best practice to achieve this goal? Maybe create 2 triggers? Or maybe create 2 equal documents with the same name?

Thanks in advance.

If it’s a true one to many pattern then two separate subscription services which would mean two different triggers with associated different flow services. If you can apply filters at the broker level if need be.


Hi Mark,

thanks for your answer. Yes, there are 2 separate and different flow services that have to be triggered always (so no need for a filter). The only problem is that these 2 flows have to be triggered by the same document.
With 2 different documents I could create just one trigger with 2 conditions while with just one document, as you suggest, we have to create 2 different triggers: in these 2 triggers the triggering document will be the same and the trigger service will be different.


So that’s no problem, classic one to many. multiple triggers can subscribe to the same document. All triggers that subscribe to that one document will be executed.