Creating filters for only one publishable document to work with multiple conditions

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?


Are you using a free trial or a product with a custom license?

Customer License.

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.


What I’m trying to achieve is something simple, let me explain.

I’m receiving a document from the broker and I have two hint’s in the trigger filter for the same document - Example. %ExternalKey% L_EQUALS "MyHint"

The document is the same but can bring a different External Key TAG.
I want to trigger a flow service accordingly with the External Key type.

Let’s say if my hint is like %ExternalKey% L_EQUALS "MyHint"

Invoke FlowService A

If my %ExternalKey% L_EQUALS "MyHint2"

Invoke FlowService B

Pratical example:

I just want to know if I can put in the same trigger
image two conditions that will invoke a flow service accordingly with a specific External Key.

If not I need to create another trigger and set things up?

Thank you in advance.

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Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

Have you installed the latest fixes for the products


if the conditions are disjunct, you should use 2 independent triggers subscribing the same docType.
Multiple conditions in one Trigger require a JoinType (XOR “only one” in your case for disjunct conditions).

This is also a question of readability of the code and the documentation of the implementation (i.e. why which approach was chosen).


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