Triggers : Multipe Conditions.

Hi forum,

I have a particular publishable document named details_users and its structure is :

- group_id (string)
- name (string)
- Tax (string)

The idea is that in for a particular gruop_id value say it can take values 21/34 and 45, i have written service A/B and C who handle the groups specifically. Services A/B and C have the details_users as a fully qualified name in its input box ie. all the service have the same document as the input

Can i write a filter condition in the same trigger that will work something like

Condition 1 : %group_id %= 21 the go to service A

Condition 2 : %group_id %= 34 the go to service B

Condition 3 : %group_id %= 45 the go to service C…???

Please let me know if this is possible.



Are the services related? If not then use three separate triggers which will represent three separate queues on the broker. 1 to many, pub/sub. Place filter on each trigger.

If the services are related then maybe use just one service and branch on your conditional data within the single flow service.

thanks griffima,

i got the issue resolved.