Pub-Sub model with multiple trigger conditions

Hi all,

I am new to webMethods and got stuck while creating a PUB-SUB model.

I have a broker document, and i am publishing it through a flow service.
Now i want to invoke two different services as subscribing services, based on some conditions. For this i have created a trigger with the published document type and defined two conditions with different services. But the developer is not allowing me to save the trigger conditions.
It says that

and also for single condition it is working fine.

Please suggest, thanks in advance.

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That is expected and the error message that you saw has straight message… You have to create two different broker triggers that subscribes to same document with different filter conditions.


Hi Senthil,

Thanks for replying, i did try that and it is working fine, But i was wondering that why are we allowed to have multiple conditions on the same document without filters but multiple conditions with filters are not allowed.

If you could please elaborate the concept of having multiple conditions with and without filters, would be a great help.

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Abhishek Jain

As the error message stated, you can’t have multiple documents with same document types defined in one trigger, however you can have multiple conditions with different document types defined for the same trigger. This is how it works.


Thanks Senthil