Clarification on Trigger Condition

Hi All!

1)i am publishing the serviceOrder document,this document is subscribing the trigger,so here i need to invoke the multipleFlowservices depends upon the values which is there in serviceOrder document(Publishable document),is it possible in the single trigger invoking Multiple flowservices for one trigger having single serviceorderDocument(Publishable document) and Multiplefilters for different conditions

ex:service order document contains ordertype,servicetype,processstatus,possible values of these fileds in serviceOrder Document are

ordertype=new,servicetype=create,processstatus=0—>needto invoke createserviceorder flow service
ordertype=new,servicetype=change,processstatus=1----->need to invoke changeserviceorder flow service
ordertype=new,servicetype=cease,processstatus=2 ------->need to invoke the ceaseserviceorder flow service

ordertype=cancel,processstatus=0 ------->need to invoke the cancelorder flow service

want above senario satisfy in single trigger have single publishable document ,multiple conditions and multiple filters in single trigger Or need to go for multiple trigger for each trigger filters and same publishable document

2)i am getting Response publishable Documents from Multiple Systems,i am taking single trigger by keeping the multiple conditions ,each condition have one publishable Response documentTypes(each System send it’s own response document),each condition is invokes each flow service.

i can create the trigger ,want the clarification if all the system sends response documents at different time it will invoke it respective flow service and also need if all systems sends response document at a time all conditions in the same trigger invokes the their respective flow services or one condition only satify in the production …

Note :in above scenarios each condition have single documenttype only

Note:Donot refer me go throgh the publish and subscribe document…

I haven’t understood ur Q completely. Even then, my answer is u cannot invoke multiple flow services using a single trigger


Is there a section of the publish and subscribe document that isn’t clear to you? If so, let us know and perhaps we can clarify. The answer to question 1 is in there. In Chapter 7. In the section “Creating a Filter for a Publishable Document Type.”

Can you reword your second question? It’s unclear what you are asking. It sounds like you are subscribing to async response documents and wondering if each document will be processed separately. If that’s your question, the answer is yes.