Two subscribers with same publishable document

I have two triggers and both of them are subscribing the same document but one is serial trigger and another is concurrent. I do see sometimes document is subscribed by both the triggers and sometimes not. Do any of you experienced the issue ? What could be the reason for this ? How do we avoid this ? Filter condition on both the triggers are satisfied .

UM or Broker?

Increase logging level to Debug in IS and share the server logs while you observe the documents not getting subscribed even though the filter conditions are met.

On UM, make sure you are subscribing from Topic and not Queue.


check the triggers are having different durable subscriber name or not when you subscribe the message from the topic?


you might want to check this article if it contains helpful informations:


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Yep…great article exclusively on pub/sub topics and trigger# fine tune concepts!!!



you are right.

I just thought, that this article is matching the topic of the thread (at least partially) and that it should be referenced from time to time as it is very cumbersome to find it in the community search.


I bet you are right and keep it always handy is my mantra too rather than chasing!!! :grinning: