How to subscribe One document by multiple triggers


I have one document which i want to be subscribed by two triggers so that i can call two service almost at the same time. To achieve this, i created two separate triggers and both of them are subscribing same document. Both of my services are getting triggered but i don’t get any document values in my second trigger.

Appreciate if you guide me to resolve this issue.


In the trigger 1 and trigger 2 are you subscribing to the same publishable document and different subscribing services. (have you specified any trigger condition).

Can you brief your requirement?

Technically this should work!!..You are doing some thing wrong

Check time to live properties for broker document

I noticed some issue. I have two trigger and both of them subscribing the same document but one is serial trigger and another one is concurrent. I do see sometimes the document is subscribed by both the trigger and sometime not… Can someone explain why this is happening? I wanted to know why both the trigger is not picking the document always?