Executing 2 services using single Broker Trigger?


I feel executing 2 services all the time, using single trigger is not possible.

When I tried using 2 services to get invoked by using single Broker Trigger, 2’nd service is not getting invoked only the 1st service getting invoked.

I hope to make it happen by using single Broker Trigger, we can write one wrapper service which in turn can invoke other 2 services which we need to be invoked. Else we need to write 2 different triggers.

Can you tell me is there a way to invoke 2 services by using single Broker trigger. Your views.


per my understanding, within a single trigger, you cannot invoke multiple services for the multiple conditions on same document. In this case you need to create mutiple triggers for subscriber services. But if you have different publishable documents then using single trigger you can invoke mutiple subscriber service