invoke multiple triggers with one publishabe document

I am attempting to implement to invoke multiple triggers with single publishable document with the help of provider filters. In this case, the two triggers have the same provider filter condition but the subscribe service is different.

When I run the main service, I see only one trigger service run through completely. The other subscribe service is seen in the service usage section, but the subsequent services of the subscribe flow service do not get invoked.

Could someone please help with the same?

Perhaps move the question into the Integration Server Area given this is the Messaging specific forum it can be difficult for people to see such issues that are happening within flow services

If both subscribe services are being invoked, this is most likely not related to messaging. It seems more likely due to something in the second subscribe service. Perhaps you can add savePipeline to that service, publish the document, and then run that service in debug mode to see what is happening.

As per expectation both the triggers should subscribe to the document and call the respective service .

In case of any deviation , please create support ticket.