Submitting EDI to TN

Hi WmUsers,
Is it mandatory to create Enterprise and Partner profiles to process through TN?

I have to pick EDI messages through message queue and transform and map to custom document.
As there can be 100’s of partners sending the EDI documents we cannot create a partner profile for each partner.
So I did not create any partner profile but installed the EDI document type and created Processing rule with sender and receiver as ‘Any’.
Submitted an EDI document to TN through When I check the transaction log it says ‘DONE W/ERRORS’. In the Activity log it says ‘Invalid Sender ID’ which makes sense as there is no profile defined for the sender.
Is there a way to make TN ignore the senderID and process the document?


If you dont’ have any sender…it will say unknown and rule not configured properly and it selects default rule…Please make sure doctype recognizes properly and custom rule associated to it and it’s above the default rule:

Assuming you don’t care who the sender is:


TN is able to identify the document type correctly and also executed the processing rule that I have defined. But still it says ‘DONE W/ERROR’ in the transaction log as there is no profile created for Sender.

Here is the activity log:
Document processed using EDITPA for Sender:Unknown , Receiver:Unknown
Routing rule XXX selected
Invalid Sender ID [EDIFTN.000010.000233]
Document persisted.
Status changed.
Processing complete
Service invoke: XXX

So the processing rule is executed successfully but with status ‘DONE W/ERROR’.
As I don’t care the sender I would like to see status ‘DONE’ instead of ‘DONE W/ERROR’


What is the actual error for the processing status in the activity log?

Attached are the transaction and activity log.

Quick question: When calling routeXml do I need to specify any senderID, receiverID in TN_params?

It seems like partner profiles have to be created to get the processing status ‘DONE’.
Please let me know if I am missing something.


No need to specify sender id in the routeXML…like you do in routeFlatfile

Yes create the enterprise/partner profile and try:


Tried creating Enterprise/partner profiles and as expected I see the processing status as ‘DONE’.
I am now looking at the documentation to automatically create the partner profiles supplying the DUNS number. Please let me know if you already are aware of any services/scripts that creates the profiles.

Appreciate your help!!!

I might suggest not using the enterprise profile but instead define one or more partner profiles to represent internal applications. This provides flexibility that using the enterprise profile does not.

EDI is more of the driver for defining partner profiles. Tracking documents and sending functional acknowledgements is driven by knowing the trading partner. Without a defined profile one cannot track envelope sequence IDs, detect missing transaction sets or groups, easily control/manage partner-specific settings, etc. I agree that managing 100s of profiles within the TN console UI is not pleasant but they really should be there.

OK great…

You should browse into the WmTN Package services for auto creation of profiles/add externalID’s etc…for logic built:


Did you mean to NOT create Enterprise profile at all? or just referring to the requirement only?

I meant to not use the enterprise profile for document exchanges. I believe it must be defined (but it’s been a while so I may be wrong).

Instead of using the enterprise profile, define 1 or more partner profiles to represent the enterprise and its apps.

Hi How do you create Partner Profile here. I created partner profile but not sure under which external id i need to specify sender ID. and also could you please let me know what is DUNS number relation with Partner Profile.

Hi Anusha,

External ID as associate with Doctype while extracting sender ID and receiver ID for incoming Document.

We have to associate external ID in doctype extraction while defining Doctype, based on external id and corresponding value it will recognize Sender/Receiver partner profile in TN.

We have various build in external id like DUNS, user defined1, EAN, mutually defined etc, and also we can create custom external id also as per business requirement.