Strange thing happened... is it now tied to Empower?

Today it seems I could not sign in with my normal id “” but rather it defaulted me to my empower id “”. I noticed even a few times in the forum the URL kept flipping over to empower before coming back to techcommunity.

Most of my posts are under the other id… which I guess doesn’t really matter… I can just use this one going forward.

But this id was set up long ago and not used much, and I noticed when I posted it was linked to an old URL website for a blog I had long ago and a Yahoo IM id that I don’t use anymore. I changed my website on the profile but the post still points to the old value, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove links to Yahoo IM.

Any ideas?



Hello Brian,

Apologies for the inconvenience – we can assume that your were logged in to Empower and accessed the Tech Community then (as the issue is related to the Empower single sign on ). Such a behavior might be observed if you have two Tech Community accounts (one that is your initial Tech Community account and another one registered with your Empower email address).

To avoid this in the future we can change the email address of your Tech Community account ( to the Empower one ( so that the single sign on will work for you in the future. Then, we will merge all your posts under this account and deactivate the one that is no longer needed.

Let us know if this work for you.

Best regards,
Tech Community Team


Yes, merging the two into the one account tied to Empower would work well for me. Until then, I will only use the target account.

I believe I had signed onto Empower on another tab (in Chrome) so it must have detected I was logged in when I accessed the Tech Community in another.

Thanks much!


Thank you for merging the accounts and removing the IM links on my profile. I can see all posts now attributed to this one account and all seems to be working great.