Sorry, this account has exceeded its log in attempts


I get the following message when I try to switch forums.

"It is now locked. If you are the rightfull user, please click below to be redirected to a page to unlock your id.

Click Here to unlock your account."

The unlock link does not work. However I can read one sub forum, which is the webMethods BAM forum. In the past I could reach others also.

Any ideas?

Hello Thor,

Indeed your account appears to be currently locked. In order to research the problem further and provide assistance could you please let us know
what exactly you mean by the link is not working.

For your convenience, please find below the steps that should be followed to unlock the account:

  1. Follow the link
  2. Enter you username and email (please note: your username is actually your email)
  3. On the next step you will need to enter the security answer.

Let us know at which step is the error observed with you and what is the error message.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused and thanks very much for your time and assistance.


When I click the link the page does not change, no error- nothing.

  1. I am logged in viewing Community Forum Index -> webMethods -> Composite Application Framework (CAF)

Located at:

  1. Now I click on the bread crumbs, on webMethods
    e.g. Community Forum Index -> webMethods

(I click webMethods)

I come to

  1. I now see the error page with a link that should allow me to unlock my account

  2. Clicking the link does not work.
    A) Not from corporate network
    B) Not from home e.g. no fancy proxy / firewall

  3. The workaround that I have found is to log in and use the
    Forum Overview page

This allows me to enter categories without seeing the error page in question. This page with all the forums listed is not the same
as using the forum overview menu on the left side of the page.
This is to say that if I am reading the CAF pages I can not navigate through the left menu either, then I end up at step 3.
So for me to change category I have to go via step 5.

Thank you,

Thor I.

Hello Thor,

Thanks very much for the provided additional details - we’ve managed to reproduce the problem and it is fixed now.

Please let us know if it still persists with you.

Thank you it works now.