Strange Behaviour the BPM

Hi All,

I developed some of the BPMs and got them deployed in another environment for testing.

The problem here is sometimes when my service works fine the model gets invoked and sometimes it doesn’t.

I restarted the my IS about 2 to 3 times to make the model get invoked and see its progress in the MWS.

Is there any fix to prevent the strange behavior of a BPM.

Many Thanks in Advance,
Vishnu Charan.T

What version of webMethods env do you have? Do you see any details in logs?

Hi Senthil,

I am using the 7.1 version of wM.I am able to get a success response but I’m unable to see anything in the monitoring page of MWS.

Vishnu Charan.T

Hi Vishnu,
How is the model getting triggered? When you say it is through service, are you publishing document to broker to trigger the model, or sending to TN that triggers the model? More detail is required about the use case problem…

Issue that you are facing is not an expected behavior… Real issue might be something else, without knowing that we cannot suggest any Fix…


Are you saying that process executed successfully but you are not able to see process instances on MWS? if i got you right then please check Monitor documentation there are some pre-requisite setting like ACL config’s, Role mapping and extended paramaeter “watt.server.auth.samlResolver” … check them out if everything is properly configured… Check MWS logs for action when you are clicking on process instances under monitoring… to see what’s happening there?

Hi Senthil,

We are publishing the document to broker to trigger the model.many times I faced this problem and every time I went for an IS restart and it works well.Is there any other way to resolve this problem so that it might not arise again.

Many thanks for the reply.

Hi Vishnu,
I hope you are using Native broker to trigger the model by publishing a document. So now, every time you publish, you should be able to see the Process Instance that is generated and Completed (if no steps are required to wait) in the IS Server log. And you can also see the Process Instance being created from the MWS Monitoring Screen.

As soon as publishing, can you check both in IS logs and MWS Monitoring page? If you can see PID generated in IS Server log and not in MWS Monitoring, it might be a case with Browser cache sometimes. Just clear your browser cache, logout from MWS and login again.

I hope, in general you are able to look for any instance that is created.

If you are not seeing any instance from MWS Monitoring screen, then problem is with the configuration. Set the ‘MWS Server Settings’ with right values, and open the home page of WmMonitor package to set the right URL.

Try this and let us know how it goes.


Hi Senthil,

Thanks for the reply.The issue got resolved but we are unable to find the right cause for the issue.

The configurations mentioned by you were been done properly:" Set the ‘MWS Server Settings’ with right values, and open the home page of WmMonitor package to set the right URL."

Vishnu Charan.T

Any info on what the resolution is & how the issue got resolved?

I have just clicked the button check server status on the System settings and after that when I tested,I was able to see the Process model which were invoked.

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