Process Model step settings

Hi All,

Recently We have applied all the latest patches in our Wm 9.7 Envrionment…Couple of days back, We noticed that the process model “Step Settings” tab not showing next page.

Suppose, our process model has 15 steps, when we click on “Step Settings” of that perticular process model, the first page shows only 10 process steps, when I click “Next”, it shoud show the next 5 process steps, but it’s not moving to the next page.

I verified the logs and its not showing anything else except the below line,

2016-04-07 11:13:29 CEST (Framework:INFO) [RID:3856] - Request [9099tidi2l271opqb49mqi4wg:Administrator] http://mws-host:port/meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/0000006571 (POST)
2016-04-07 11:13:29 CEST (Framework:INFO) [RID:3857] - Request [9099tidi2l271opqb49mqi4wg:Administrator] http://mws-host:port/meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/0000006571 (GET)

FYI…Our process model log level is “5”.

Any Suggestions can be appreciated!!


Hi Janardhan,

can you check your settings in MWS?

Under your profile: User Preferences -> Items per page

Business Processes -> Options -> Max Results

Try to increase these and see if it helps.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response and sorry for my late response :-)!!

yeah, I verified both those settings…
first one is “Default” and by changing that to either 20/50 etc, doesn’t reflect any changes.
Second one is “200” by default…I think, this is for the maximum number of business processess to show on the screen not for the “Step Settings”…Correct me if i’m wrong!!


what are the fixes that you applied to MWS and IS?

saw this in empower if related,

MWS 9.7 - 1770592 : My webMethods Server - MWS-GUI: Administration -> Business Processes - “Next” not working
MWS_9.7_Fix6 (working env.)
MWS_9.7_Fix10 (errornous env.)

The problem has been detected after installing fix “MWS Core Fix 10”, coming from “MWS Core Fix 6”.


  • Administration --> Business Processes

After showing existing process model, clicking on “Next” hyperlink does not display another set of processes.

The hyperlink under Business Processes Dashboard works.
The problem is solved by MWS_9.7_Fix13, or above.

Hi Venkat,

Thank you somuch for the reponse!!

Good to hear that :-)!! the latest fix might be fixing the issue…A month back when we installed, MWS Fix 12 was the latest fix…Currently fix MWS fix 13 might have fixed some of these issues. Will try to get this fix and apply on our environment…Will post you the updates.

Once again thanks for your post!! :slight_smile:

Sure np, please let us know how it went after you install latest fix