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When you install from an IMAGE , the previous IMAGE does not get over laid and then you have TWO versions of Software AG Designer on a desktop.

Then you do a UNINSTALL of Software AG designer and the uninstall works but the older copy of Designer stays on the disk.

Now it really gets interesting because Software AG gives you a history logs in C;|SoftwareAG\Install\History but I really do not need to know that the first version of Software Ag Designer was installed in 2015.

All I need is ONE copy of Software AG Designer on a desktop… FULL STOP :

Note: We constantly generate new images and we need Software AG Designer to recognize that their is a NEW IMAGE and reinstall the new image… automatically.


Hi Anton,

usually this would be a task to open a feature request in Brainstorm.
Hopefully Brainstorm will be restarted later on after eService has been enabled.

When you install different versions from different images it might be a good idea to use different installation directories and program groups then.
Newer Designers are usually able to connect to older instances but not vice versa.

Esp. the wM 9.x stream should be separated from the wM 10.x/11.x streams to avoid any mismatches in technology.
I.e. UpdateManager for 10.x+ is no longer available in the regular installation image, but has its own image and should be installed in a different installation location to allow for easier Java updating (compared to wM 9.x and older).


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Hi Anton,

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