Software AG 8.0 Designer on x64

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I’ve seen that Software AG 8.0 Designer is not supported on the Windows 64-bit platforms. Is there any special reasons for that or the only reason is that it haven’t been tested with Windows 64-bit JVM?

We have a customer for which it would be the best to install the client tools centrally on one development server machine. The only problem is the amount of memory required for that. Have anyone tried this kind of setup?

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8.0 Designer isn’t certified on x64, however 8.2 FCS (and 8.2 GA) Designer has been certified on x64.

I don’t have much insight as to why we didn’t certify 8.0 on x64, but at the time of that release, it wasn’t a suite-wide priority for Designer to perform this certification.


If I’m not mistaken, Eclipse 3.4 (which Designer 8.0 is based on) only shipped for 32-bit Windows. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t certify it.

Designer 8.2 is built on Eclipse 3.6, which ships for both 32- and 64-bit Windows.

I don’t know of any a priori reasons 8.0 wouldn’t run on x64, but we definitely did not certify it there.