WmTestSuite Coverage Java heap space error

Hi, anyone aware if there’s a way to configure the JUnit JVM heap space when running test suite coverage in Designer?

Thanks in advance.

Edit (12 Oct 2021): SAG Support was involved and this was resolved with below product fixes:

  • GWM_10.5_wMTestSuiteCommonLib_Fix5
  • GWM_10.5_wMTestSuiteDesigner_Fix5
  • GWM_10.5_wMTestSuiteServer_Fix5

I’m positive that you will have to configure heap space for Designer, since WmTestSuite (i.e., Unit Test Framework) is a Designer/Eclipse plugin - it doesn’t have it’s own JVM.

Read the “Working with Designer” guide for adjusting Designer memory settings.


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Please share the log if available.

In case the error happens at Server end, the default wrapper property for max memory (which is 512MB) needs to be checked. Memory resources need to be allocated based on ‘packages in scope’, lines of code in Services under tests & no. of tests that are being executed as part of Code Coverage.
Note: the memory would be freed up once test execution completes and reports are generated.

For Designer end error, you can specify max memory details in eclipse.ini.

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