Smtp problem

I am having some problem with my smtp service. When I am doing any smtp from my developer I am not getting any mail in my Outlook. But I am getting the message that Mail was sent successfully.What could be the reason?? Any Idea welcome.



try sending mail to your yahoo/hotmail account. it works fine for me.


Sounds like the smtp mailer not sending the mail. What did you give as hostname? Are you sure this mailer “works”?

Hi John,

  1. Try to ping the mail server.

  2. Next check if the from mail address that you specify is a valid email address on the email server that you have specified.

  3. Try sending a email to another account in the same mail domain.

  4. Try sending to the ‘To’ email address, from the ‘From’ email address from the same email server using outlook, etc.

  5. Check the email logs.

  • Rajesh Rao


Ive done a project to validate the snmp message format,
and inform the agent, about errors, if any. plz do let me know abt
how to correct the snmp trap messages, and resend them to the destination…

sumathy iyer