Hi Guys,

I am sending data to partner through smtp with EDIINT.send service. The service able to send to TN and also able to recognize document and processing rule but am getting error as below

java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.mail.MessagingException cannot be cast to java.net.ConnectException


What is your IS and EDIINT Module version and fix levels?

So did you choose PrimarySMTP as the delivery method and in the TN receiver profile?

Is the email you are sending works fine with regular client:smtp service and can you test it before EDIINT send invokes ?

Can you please elaborate more info on your setup .


Check, whether mail host which you provided is in working state. If yes, please re-load WmTN package and see the results.




IS 9.5 and EDIINT is versions
yes I was selected PrimarySMTP as preferred delivery method and it is also working fine with client.SMTP service . Even am able to send mail through MWS email server .

@MR as173d

Hi ,

Yeah mail host is working fine and after reloading the wmTN package is also getting failed.

Actually I want to send data as an email attachment to the partner. So am using EDIINT. send service to post data to TN . In TN receiver profile I have selected as primarySMTP as ediint extended field and preferred protocol as SMTP.

It should work fine then. Do you have all latest fix levels ? Is it a new interface or stopped working recently ?


I need to check the fix levels.

The error what am getting is something related to casting in java. So my guess is the format what am sending is not accepting by smtp.

java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.mail.MessagingException cannot be cast to java.net.ConnectException


That’s also good guess. Can you share what data you are sending if it possible.


passing stream data by using the get file service.

Yes passing stream is good and that Is what send service expects.

I would suggest in the interim open a SAG support ticket they to peek in your environment as the error above doesn’t give more information the actual root cause and what’s wrong in the configuration/setup or other aspects etc…


Hi Guys ,

The solution for this issue is I forgot to configure the EDIINT SMTP host value in MWS>Administration>Integration>B2Bsettings>Configure properties>EDIINT Module Configuration Properties.

Make sense :smiley:

Thanks for updating back this thread!!