unable to send email to email port which is in enabled state on IS.

i have enabled email port but whenever i tried to send email to that port, i am receiving deliverable mail.

can someone please provide step by step process to send mail with proper format to email port and to retrieve that mail content using webmethods code.
can you please help me in this.

Hi Ravi,

you cannot send an email to this port directly.

More likely you will have to use this port to poll messages from a regular mail server

Refer to IS Admin Guide, Chapter 7 for further information.



Did you create the email receiving service to receive the smtp send file to the wM email port already?

Also I would suggest,olease review the ISAdministrators userguide and it should explain regarding configuring email port and receiving the email from that port and there are some steps you need to follow for sending and receiving the emails to the wM service via email configured port.

When you send the email you should also iinclude the fullyqualifiedpath of the receiving service then only email port will invoke the target service and in downstream steps you should be able to extract the email Content via contentStream (object)