SMTP usage


I am new to webMethods.Could you please help me to configure and use SMTP


You can review the ISAdministratorsUserguide.pdf documentation and see the Ports section.It explains the setup/usage of SMTP.


Here’s a concise guide:

  1. Access Integration Server Admin Console.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” > “SMTP”.
  3. Enter SMTP server details (host, port).
  4. Provide authentication if needed.
  5. Enable TLS/SSL if required.
  6. Save configuration.
  7. Test by sending a test email.
  8. For sending emails in a flow service:
  9. Use pub.client:smtp service.
  10. Specify server, port, authentication, sender, recipient, subject, and body.
  11. Integrate SMTP functionality into your webMethods projects.

Additionaly if you don’t want to do all this process, consider smtp server provider like SMTPget they will do this all for you.