EDIINT handle with Try/cats SenMsg error or manage wait mdn delay


we send messages with “SenMsg” service we got no errror and we can see that the message is send to our partner via ‘squid logs’ (windows proxy).

the probleme is that some times the partner takes too much time for sending an MDN , and we get this error in the sendmsg activity logs : gatwaytimeout

activity log of a sent messsage with error :
3-SendMsg ERROR

activity log of a sent messsage done:
3-SendMsg done

How can we increase the time out of receiving MDN ( waitting for the MDN even if we are in synchronous mode).
Or can we handle with Try/catsh the “sendmsg” 's error with service developpment and resubmitte the same message with the same ID?

Best regardes
Omar Benrouijel

Hi Omar,

At 8.2 we are able to control that via the wM TN partner profile Delivery Setting > Wait Between Retries. This works in conjunction with the Delivery Maximum Retries and Retry Factor.


Hi Mary ,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I will try this, and i will get back with the result

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

Yes you can set the Wait Between Retries to 5000 and see how it goes or come up with the number that your business decides.

Delivery Maximum Retries:5
Retry Factor:1


Hello ,
thanks for your answers , i did these changes but i get new error messages :

for all retries: Delivery Failed: com.wm.net.NetException: [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: 509 Unknown

and one error : Delivery Failed: com.wm.net.Net504Exception: [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: Gateway Time-out

Do you have any idea about this kind of error

Thanks again

Can you please upload your Delivery tab screen shot (if you are ok sharing that piece) and also can you check the URL/end point connecting to is valid? As to me some thing seems not right with the connection or network that AS2 request is sending to.