MDN Wait time settings

Hi All,

We are having AS2 communication with one of our partners.
we send them xml data over AS2 connection and wait for MDN.

Just now we are having an issue wherein partner is not able to send MDN on time resulting in retry of transaction at our end which eventually sends duplicate data to partner.

We have following setting in our TN server:
Delivery Maximum Retries: 3
Wait between Retries: 20000
Retry Factor: 1

Also, tn.task.ttw=300 is present in configuration.

I am confused which of above setting sets wait time for MDN.
Just need to know how long TN waits for MDN before failing the transaction and repost in retry attempt.

Any help is much appreciated.


Please check or read this empower artcile on the similar question/topic:|for|MDN&SessionID=565780362


Thanks RMG for sharing the article.

From Article, it is clear that there is no inbuilt setting for Wait For MDN timeout.


Yes correct wish there could be a setting.