EDIINT Status not changed from WAITMDN

Hi All,

Even though we had Received MDN from Partner for EDIINT, still EDIINT User status shows has SendMsg:WAITMDN,
( without changing to SendMsg:DONE)
Can anyone come across this issue and what was the resolution u find for it,
Thanks in Advance for your Guidance

Shankar R B

Hi Shankar,

Mostly this is happening in two cases.
I) If the EDIINT Mode is Synchronous.
II) Failed to change the status due to time-out (delay) while data exchange.

There is particular solution for this. But we can close this issue in 2 scenarios:

  1. Forcefully change to SendMsg:DONE status as you mentioned.
  2. Once confirm with partner, it has been received at their system. Then, cancel the WAITMDN transaction. Nothing affected in your System.

Thank you.

Roy Gandham
Apple Support Executive

Hi Roy,

Actually our Transactions are Asynchronous, and there is no Timeout
happened in MDN receive from Partner,
I got a Information that, it is a known issue in webMethods,
and there is a patch available for this Issue,

Thanks for your replay,

Shankar R B