SMTP Port and Flat Files

I want to be able to process a flat file received by email with a B2B Service. I can get my service to process an “xml attachment” ok, but if I attach a non-xml file it seems that the port does not pass the content to the service. Is it possible to do this? Am I missing something obvious? Any advice gratefully received.


You will need to create a custom content handler to be able to process a generic flat file that is sent by SMTP to the Integration Server. (XML files kick off the XML content handler, which converts your incoming XML document to a node object.)

This topic is a bit complicated, so we should probably discuss outside of this forum. My email is Please email me and I can send you some information on content handlers which should help.

I believe this information is also covered in our course “D220 - Advanced Business Partner Integration”.


I have the similar problem, but this time the attachement is a crypted and digitally signed file, could you kindly provide more info?

We need to have the SMTP port as the entry point for the TN.

Thanks in advance.