How to send a XML using the AS2

Hi All:

I need to send a XML file to a partner, the file will be created by other system and put it on a local directory, the service need to find the file and send to our partner using the AS2 protocol.

Any of you have an example or documentation of this type of requirement? I really appreciate any help on this.


You can use either WmPublic pub.client.ftp folder services to ftp:get the file or if the files are accessible/shared to the IS directory locally then you can use pub.file:getFile (loadAs=stream) and then call EDIINT:send (WmEDIINT) service with data/contentType=“application/XML” and map data/stream along with setting other required input params.

Also review the “6-5-2_EDIINT_Module_Users_Guide.pdf” about EDIINT:send and more information about AS2 protocol.



Thanks for your quick response, I will follow your suggestions and I will check the pdf file to learn more about this part.


your welcome!