Silent Installation command line combining arguments

Trying to create an installer for all users. Following the webMethods 10.5 admin guide.
when using arguments with the setup.exe errors always appear after .exe combined arguments.
installing with .exe so I am using the EnvVar: VFUSION_INSTALL_ARGS
use of just -debugFile “C:\temp\log.log” generates an error that -debugFile option used without an argument
Use: -debugFile “C:\temp\log.log” -debugLvl “verbose” generates this file: “c:\temp\log.log -debugLvl verbose”
What I need to accomplish is create a script so I can install the .exe silently
Unable to create script as the install always hangs after installing all of the modules.
The .exe is my only means of installation.

using -readScript “C:\temp\install.txt” -readImage “c:\temp\”
produces this error:
Cannot read scriptFile
c:\temp\install.txt -readImage c:\temp\

…there relly is no command line arguments to install with .exe?

Hi Virgil,

did you check the Installing webMethods Products Guide available in Empower?

As far as I know the EXE-Installer no longer supports command line arguments.
And the jar-file based installer has been retired while introducing binary installers for any supported platform.

When this is finally prepared you will have to handover three files to your users:
The installer itself
The Image file
The script file
(and small overview how to start the installer and referencing the image and script files).
After that the installation should run silently then.


Most ridiculous way to install software.
removed the quotes and it worked. Moved the source to a folder with a space in it’s name and it did not work. Does not like " or '.

How about including the use of command lines with your .exe. Bogus

Unfortunately the software does not install manually either.
Stops at the log entry:
07:55:58 info PH> Execute arr cmd=[C:\SoftwareAG105\IntegrationServer\instances\is_instance.bat, create,, -Dprimary.port=5555, -Ddb.alias=, -Ddb.type=Embedded, -Ddb.username=, -Ddb.password=, -Ddb.url=, -Dexclude.jdbc=true, -DprofileDebug=false, -Ddiagnostic.port=9999, -Dplatform.install.dir=C:\SoftwareAG105, -Dlicense.file=C:\Temp\Integration Server.xml]
07:55:58 info PH> Execute env=[null]
07:55:58 info PH> Execute execDir: null

The message on the installation GUI is “Creating default integration Server instance…”

Hi Virgil,

creating the instance can take some minutes, so you will have to be patient until it is finished.
Time needed for this task depends on how many packages have been selected for installation.