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I would like to know where I would be able to get SoftwareAGInstaller.jar file not.exe?

Software AG Installer Client is not redistributed anymore, instead executable file for all supported platforms are provided.
The executable contains a pre-packaged Java Runtime Environment that was tested to be working with Installer Client.

Why do you want to the jar file, but not the exe?
All operations with the jar file are supported with the executable as well

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Thanks Peter for letting me know. I would like to have the .jar file to execute in console mode. I tried to Install a product using script with .exe in console mode(cmd), but it just opens up the GUI .

Hi Hima,

did you try to start the exe in a command prompt with parameter “-console”?

This should activate console mode instead of UI mode.


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Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply. I had tried the below command
"call SoftwareAGInstaller20191216-w64.exe -readScript -console "

But it opens up the GUI of Installer. I tried console mode in Linux system where the downloaded installer file is .bin. It works as expected.
Cant figure out why it doesn’t work in Windows. As per the documentation of SoftwareAgInstaller it should work in console mode.


As a note, I did provide the full path to the script after -readScript. :slight_smile:

Try adding parameters -debugLvl info -debugOut -debugErr for a start.


With Software AG Installer Client 10.5 and previous versions, it is not supported to specify command line parameters, with Windows executable.

Instead they can be set as an Environment variable.
For Example:

  1. Launch a command shell using Run as Administrator
  2. set ZFUSION_INSTALL_ARGS=-readScript c:\myScript.txt
  3. Start Installer Client. It will install silently using a script, but in GUI mode.

You can find more information in Software AG Knowledge Center

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Thank You Peter! This solved the problem :smile: