Setting up profile values when using Command Central

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we want to load the OCI driver path, timezone settings and user permission onto IS but when we use command central to start the servers these profile values are not loading we have tried setting these values in .bashrc profile at unix level & in .bash_profile but still issue is there.


when IS started From SPM it will inherit the environment details from SPM at the time it was started.If you want the changes to get reflected either set them as global variables or perform the changes to IS startup scripts before the SPM start, in this way you can have the changes loaded when IS is started as child process from SPM through CC.

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There is an known limitation (working as designed) that is currently been addressed as a fix for 10.1
Not sure if that will be ported to older versions also. you may open a support incident and ask for it.
As reference in your request mention: PIE-56707
Higher versions that 10.1 will automatically get the fix also.