Server Versions in Hotfix 004 different?

I was installing the Hotfix 004 ( release for my Systems.
I downloaded both the Windows and Unix files from the SAG Knowledge Center - Service Pack page. When I installed the Windows version, I was at When the Unix (Linux) file was installed, I was still at Are they different, or is the Unix file incorrectly assembled? I must be at the same level in both Windows and Linux.


Joe Ayres

Hi Joe,
I’ve tested the HF4 again now and it works fine here.
Can you describe step by step what exactly you did in order to upgrade the Unix installation? From which build you were trying to upgrade? Where did you put the files?
Any relevant information will be great,

Hi Asaf,

We are at Version on Windows and Linux. Since Curtis outsourced our Mainframe, I do not perform, or get involved in, Applinx upgrades on the Linux side. What is being told to me is that the file is untarred, allowing the files to replace existing ones. Basically an unzip and replace. In order to maintain our Administrator signons and security, they copy two files from the old version back to the new file structure. They are gxserver.cfg, and gxconfig.xml.

Here is what the Linux group said in response to an email I sent on another problem: “I just made a complete copy of the apx directory and saved that off. There is no setup.ux script on the system that is refered to in your email. All I do is untar the file in the /SAG/sagprod directory”.

Now, they have followed the same procedure countless times before, with no problem. This is why I suspected the file may have been in error. If you are saying the file is fine, then I must look elsewhere. Maybe a fresh install would help. I will start trying other options and will keep you informed.




I just received the procedure on what they are doing. Maybe this will help.

Hot Fix Upgrade

        A compressed tar file will be placed in /srv/ftp/applinx and an email will be received from Curtis about the file.

Important – Please see noted ISSUE at the bottom of the document before starting this procedure

  1.  Uncompress the file
  2.  Move the file to /SAG/sagprod
  3.  Make copy of current apx directory to a new directory
  4.  Untar the file from this location
  5.  Next untar the applinx tar file that was extracted.
  6.  Update the file

Go to the bottom of the file and modify as follows:

a) Add in –Xms1024m
b) Change the –Xmx###m to –Xmx2048m
c) Add in –Xcompactgc

The line should look like the line below

    $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024m -Xcompactgc -Xbootclasspath/p:"$_BCP" -classpath "$_CP" "-Dcom.sabratec.gxhome=$GXHOME" "-Dcom.sabratec.license=$SAG/common/LKey/" com.sabratec.applinx.server.runtime.GXServerContextStart &
  1.  chmod 755 on the following files in /SAG/sagprod/apx/v525/:

  1.  Stop and restart all of the gx processes by running /home/prdcntl/stopALL
  2.  Once completed, contact the customer for verification.


  /SAG/sagprod/apx/v524/config – the 2 files listed below have to be saved and moved back in once the untaring was completed. 


Unix Systems Administration
Sungard Computer Services

We would like to understand why do they upgrade Applinx using this method of work?
If you follow the User Guide (Page .62 - “Upgrading ApplinX – UNIX Environment” section) there are specific instructions on how to perform such an upgrade.
We want to make sure that the preferred upgrade is not working for you before continue with this issue.
Waiting for your replay,


The best answer I can give on this is that is the way they were taught by our Tech Service Department before they were all laid off after the outsourcing. It’s the only way they know at the moment.


I understand that this is the way things have been done in the past, but when we try the upgrade step by step from the User Guide everything is working so we suspect that something is wrong with the work process you are using.
Can you try the instructions from the User Guide so we can make sure you are not doing something wrong?

We shall begin the process shortly. Not knowing the actual shape of the files from the base install, I may have to get another base install CD from SAG as I no longer have one for 5.2.5. Tech Services may have discarded it when they left.


We interfaced with SAG Support because we might have needed to get another 5.2.5 install disc, and they worked with Development to resolve this issue. We were sent a new applinx.tar file to apply and it did the trick. Our Windows and Linux versions are now the same version.

Thanks for your assistance once again.


Hi Joe,
This means that the files on Serverline24 were not updated.
We will take care of it and make sure the right files will be uploaded.
Thanks again,