Patch Level Upgrade for Linux

Our mainframe outsourcer, who also maintains the Linux Partitions for us, states that their procedure for applying a patch release (5.2.5_0007 to 5.2.5_0010) is to untar the file. This overlays files that contain our security definitions and other tweaks we have applied. They then copy the old files back, thereby restoring all of the lost options. (gxserver.cfg and gxconfig.xml) This does not seem like a very good idea. Is there some script that should be utilized to perform the upgrade? They state that this was the procedure passed to them by our Technical people before they were all laid off. What is the normal upgrade procedure used by everyone else?



I asked around here but there is not such script we are aware of.
In a matter of fact such script is problematic because we can’t be sure of your local changes only you should know them.
Anyway, because this operation is one time thing (or at least not every day job) copy the changes manually is a reasonable solution.
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BTW - the upgrade process should deal with this kind of issues and shouldn’t overlap the configuration files from the early versions (unless something has changed between the versions/PL).
So, it sounds like upgrading Pl should not be a problematic issue.
NOTE that we are hardly recommending backup all important files before the upgrading. :smiley: