Crash and Burn with Out of Memory Error

This problem cropped up using a Linux Partition on our mainframe computer. We are running ApplinX in a Linux partition and are receiving crashes with applications that return a large amount of data. The interesting thing is the same version of ApplinX running on a Windows machine will work fine. I have attached a zip file containing a screen print of the error received on my screen, and a file of a javacore dump from the linux machine. I also have a heapdump, but this is 294 MB and I don’t think I can attach it. Let me kow if you need it for any reason. Now, as for memory, here is what ApplinX is reporting for the server on both machines:

Linux - Total Memory: 20478KB, Free Memory: 6519KB, Maximum Memory: 2560MB.

Win - Total Memory: 18412KB, Free Memory: 8685KB, Maximum Memory: 379MB.

No matter how much memory we give the Linux partition, it still crashes the process with an out of memory error. Any ideas (and solutions, of course) would be greatly appreciated.

I have also attached another zip file ( that contains logs, sh files and assorted items. Check the Word doc there for a explaination.


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Hi Joe,
We are looking into this issue,
I will try to give you an answer as fast as I can.

Hi joe,

As you probably know, memory leaking issues are very difficult to pinpoint and track down.
I think the first steps the customer should do is to upgrade to our latest version since we addressed some memory issues since the release of version 5.2.1. I can

Thanks Gadi. As we progress in your suggestions, I will keep you in the loop.