SequeLink error 6869 - SLAgent

I encountered the following error when trying to start the SLAgent.

[SequeLink error 6869] Failed to check if service SLAgent is still active.

Env Oracle DB 8.1, Solaris

I appreciate any help on this…


Please check if the service for the SLAgent is running or not. If you are using WIn2k, then check the Services from Control Panel.

An other way to check is to log onto the SequeLink Manager Snapin, and check if the services have been made active.

Go to your SequeLink home directory and run :

./admin/swcla -nologo -e ./sqlnk.err -l -uid [type the sqlnk user] -pwd [type the sqlnk pwd] sl

It will display the list of available services.

To start SLAgent use ‘root’ unix user.

To create an oracle service enter the sqlnk server admin tool :

user:[type the sqlnk admin user]
Pwd:[type the sqlnk admin pwd]
sc command (type help to get the list of available commands) to create additional services (at min. the oracle process)

If you get an error attempting to start SLAgent you’d better re-install sqlnk server (remove the /etc/services rows first)

Hope this helps,