sequelink error

Hello, for anyone out there who could help:
I am trying to connect to Tamino via JDBC/ODBC using the SequeLink ODBC Driver and Server.
I can connect fine from my JDBC driver, but when it disconnects, I get an error (from the Sequelink Server I believe)

slodb.exe - Application Error
the instruction at referenced memory at the memory could not be "read"
click ok to terminate the program

Any ideas?
I am using Tamino 3.1.1, the sequelink driver that is bundled seems to be quite old (4.5)

Lee Murray

Hi Lee,

I thought that I knew exactly what the problem was, until I tried to figure out the answer! Then I realized that I didn’t understand the problem at all…

What is it that you’re trying to do - access XML data stored in Tamino via the Sequelink driver?
As I understand it, the Sequelink driver is only intended for Tamino to read data from an RDBMS, not to provide applications access to Tamino.
(You may have heard/read about the Tamino X-Node, which allows data from relational systems to be mapped into a schema via Tamino.)

Perhaps a better question would be: what is it that you would like to do?
There are certainly plenty of people here in the Community who can advise.


Thanks for the reply.
We are trying to use the Tamino SQL database from jdbc drivers, just like a normal SQL database. We are not trying to use any XML features yet.

Luckily, we did get the slodb.exe error resolved by installing on a different machine (I guess it might have been some .dll conflict or something).